Weekly Whiskey Roundup: New Releases and Limited Editions

Catch up on the latest whiskey releases and limited editions, including Heaven Hill's 'Grain to Glass' series and Russell's Reserve 15-year-old bourbon. Plus, new flavors from Mountain Dew and a limited-edition KitKat Chunky bar from Nestle.
Weekly Whiskey Roundup: New Releases and Limited Editions

Weekly Whiskey Roundup: New Releases and Limited Editions

Heaven Hill Unveils New ‘Grain to Glass’ Series

Heaven Hill has released a new line of whiskeys, dubbed the ‘Grain to Glass’ series, which includes a bourbon, wheated bourbon, and rye whiskey. The series is the result of an eight-year project, with Heaven Hill’s master distiller working with Beck’s Hybrids to choose a distinctive corn seed for each whiskey. The chosen seed is then grown at Peterson Farms in Nelson County, Kentucky.

The Grain to Glass series implements a different mashbill from Heaven Hill’s traditional bourbon and wheated bourbon mashbills. The bourbon is distilled from a mashbill of 52% corn, 35% rye, and 13% malted barley, and bottled at 107 proof. The wheated bourbon has a mashbill of 52% corn, 35% wheat, and 13% malted barley, and is bottled at 121 proof. The rye whiskey, bottled at 123.2 proof, has a higher rye content than Heaven Hill’s core rye whiskey.

Image: Heaven Hill Grain to Glass

Russell’s Reserve Releases 15-Year-Old Bourbon

Russell’s Reserve has launched a limited-edition 15-year-old bourbon, which is part of a small batch release. The bourbon is non-chill filtered and bottled at 117.2 proof. According to the brand, the bourbon offers aromas of dried fruit, caramel, nutmeg, oak, and clove, with flavors of spiced fruits, cherry, molasses, coffee, mature oak, and tobacco.

![Russell’s Reserve 15-Year-Old](_search_image bourbon whiskey) Image: Russell’s Reserve 15-Year-Old

Mountain Dew Releases New Flavors

Mountain Dew has released two new limited-edition flavors, Freedom Fusion Slurpee and Infinite Swirl. Freedom Fusion Slurpee is a lemonade and peach-flavored Slurpee, while Infinite Swirl is a tropical punch-flavored soda. Both flavors are available exclusively at 7-Eleven, Speedway, and Stripes locations nationwide.

![Mountain Dew Freedom Fusion Slurpee](_search_image mountain dew slurpee) Image: Mountain Dew Freedom Fusion Slurpee

Nestle Releases New KitKat Chunky Bar

Nestle has released a new limited-edition KitKat Chunky bar, featuring a chocolate crispy wafer coated in smooth milk chocolate. The bar is available exclusively at Sainsbury’s and SPAR stores across the UK, and will be released in other stores from July 8.

![KitKat Chunky Crunchy Double Chocolate](_search_image kitkat chunky) Image: KitKat Chunky Crunchy Double Chocolate