Rabbit Hole Unveils Exclusive 15-Year-Old Mizunara Bourbon Masterpiece

Discover Rabbit Hole's latest release, a 15-year-old Mizunara bourbon finished in Japanese oak barrels. Learn about the unique tasting notes and limited availability of this exclusive whiskey.
Rabbit Hole Unveils Exclusive 15-Year-Old Mizunara Bourbon Masterpiece

Rabbit Hole Releases Limited Edition 15-Year-Old Mizunara Bourbon

Kentucky distillery Rabbit Hole has unveiled its latest creation, a 15-year-old bourbon finished in Japanese Mizunara oak barrels. This unique whiskey is a testament to the artistry and innovation of Rabbit Hole’s Founder’s Collection.

The Founder’s Collection is a series of exclusive whiskeys curated by Rabbit Hole founder Kaveh Zamanian. Each release aims to showcase Zamanian’s creativity and dedication to crafting exceptional spirits. The Mizunara expression, aged for 15 years and finished in Japanese oak, is a true embodiment of Rabbit Hole’s commitment to quality.

Zamanian expressed his passion for the project, stating, “When I finally got my hands on a handful of elusive casks from a small family-owned cooperage in Japan, I knew I wanted to create something special to honor the mystique and beauty of Hokkaido’s oak trees.”

Tasting Notes and Availability

The Mizunara bourbon offers a rich and deep palate with notes of vanilla, caramel, and baking spices. Bottled at 103.8 proof, this whiskey delivers a balanced and flavorful experience that whiskey enthusiasts will appreciate.

Rabbit Hole Mizunara is now available for purchase on the distillery’s website and select retailers across the country. With only 2,200 bottles released, acquiring this limited edition bourbon is a rare opportunity for whiskey connoisseurs.

About Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole is known for its innovative approach to whiskey making, blending traditional techniques with modern influences. The distillery’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship shines through in each expression, making Rabbit Hole a sought-after name in the world of spirits.

Stay tuned for more updates and releases from Rabbit Hole as they continue to push the boundaries of whiskey production.