Breaking the Mold: Angel's Envy's Bold New Bourbon

Angel's Envy breaks the mold with a new bottled-in-bond bourbon that forgoes traditional port cask finishing, resulting in a unique and complex flavor profile.
Breaking the Mold: Angel's Envy's Bold New Bourbon

Angel’s Envy: Breaking the Mold with a Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon

As a whisky enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for something new and exciting. That’s why I was thrilled to hear about Angel’s Envy’s latest release - a bottled-in-bond bourbon that breaks away from their traditional port cask finishing. This Louisville distillery is known for its innovative approach to whisky-making, and this new release is no exception.

The core Angel’s Envy bourbon is aged for four to six years and then finished in port barrels for up to six months, resulting in a rich, fruity flavor profile. But this new release takes a different approach. Aged for almost six years, this bourbon is bottled at 100 proof, making it a cask-strength whisky that’s sure to please even the most discerning palates.

Angel’s Envy’s bourbon barrels

According to Master Distiller Owen Martin, the team at Angel’s Envy took a unique approach to creating this bottled-in-bond bourbon. Instead of withdrawing the barrels at 100 proof, they let them mature further to prioritize flavor. The result is a whisky that’s both complex and balanced, with notes of dried fruit, fresh berries, and spice.

Master Distiller Owen Martin

What I find particularly interesting about this release is the way it challenges traditional notions of what a bourbon should be. By forgoing the port cask finishing, Angel’s Envy is able to showcase the raw, unadulterated flavor of their bourbon. It’s a bold move, and one that pays off in a big way.

A bottle of Angel’s Envy’s bottled-in-bond bourbon

If you’re a fan of bourbon, or just looking to try something new, I highly recommend giving this release a try. With its unique flavor profile and bold approach to whisky-making, it’s sure to be a hit with even the most seasoned enthusiasts.

A glass of Angel’s Envy’s bottled-in-bond bourbon

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a bottle of Angel’s Envy’s bottled-in-bond bourbon and experience the thrill of something new and exciting.